Rundown Creator's API allows developers to quickly and easily integrate with Rundown Creator through standard HTTPS requests. Using GET or POST, simply send the Rundown Creator API your API key/token pair, what action you'd like to perform, and any required/optional parameters, and Rundown Creator will return a JSON-formatted response.

Example request

Gets a list of rundowns

Example response

        "RundownID": 1,
        "Title": "Morning News Update",
        "FolderID": 1,
        "DefaultLayoutID": -1,
        "Start": 1332604500,
        "End": 1332604620,
        "TotalRunningTime": 105,
        "OnAirTimer_Active": 0,
        "OnAirTimer_RowID": -1,
        "OnAirTimer_Date": -1,
        "Frozen": 0,
        "Locked": 0,
        "Archived": 0,
        "Template": 0,
        "Deleted": 0
        "RundownID": 2,
        "Title": "Sports Sunday with Champ Kind",
        "FolderID": 2,
        "DefaultLayoutID": 2,
        "Start": 1332742800,
        "End": 1332743700,
        "TotalRunningTime": 0,
        "OnAirTimer_Active": 1,
        "OnAirTimer_RowID": 59,
        "OnAirTimer_Date": 1332742845,
        "Frozen": 0,
        "Locked": 0,
        "Archived": 0,
        "Template": 0,
        "Deleted": 0
The JSON-formatted response with an array of rundowns

Quick start guides



getFolders Gets a list of rundown folders
createFolder Creates a new rundown folder
renameFolder Renames a rundown folder
deleteFolder Permanently deletes a rundown folder and all of the rundowns in it


getRundowns Gets a list of rundowns
createRundown Creates a new rundown
setRundownProperties Sets one or more properties of a rundown
copyRundown Copies a rundown
deleteRundown Puts a rundown in the trash


getRows Gets a list of rows in a rundown, or a specific row
insertRow Inserts a new row before or after a row in a rundown
setRowProperties Changes one or more properties of a row
duplicateRow Duplicates a row
deleteRow Removes a row from the rundown it's in and puts it in the trash
reorderRows Reorders rows in a rundown
startTimingRow Moves the on-air timer to the row specified and starts timing it


getScript Gets the latest version of a script, or a specific version of a script
saveScript Saves a new version of a script


getObjects Gets a list of objects
setObjectStatus Sets the status of an object


getChatMessages Gets a list of chat messages
sendChatMessage Sends a chat message


amFollowing Checks whether you're following a row's script
followScript Follows a row's script
unfollowScript Unfollows a row's script


getColumns Gets a list of user-customizable rundown columns
createColumn Creates a new rundown column
renameColumn Renames a rundown column
deleteColumn Permanently deletes a rundown column and all of the content in it


getLayouts Gets a list of rundown layouts
createLayout Creates a new rundown layout
setLayoutProperties Sets one or more properties of a rundown layout
deleteLayout Permanently deletes a rundown layout

User management

getUsers Gets a list of users
createUser Creates a new user
setUserProperties Sets one or more properties of a user
deleteUser Permanently deletes a user

Script templates

getScriptTemplates Gets a list of script templates
createScriptTemplate Creates a new script template
setScriptTemplateProperties Sets one or more properties of a script template
deleteScriptTemplate Permanently deletes a script template


search Searches scripts for keywords

Trash can

getDeletedStuff Gets a list of rundowns and rows in the trash
restore Restores a rundown or row that's in the trash
permanentlyDelete Permanently deletes a rundown or row that's in the trash
emptyTrash Permanently deletes all rundowns and rows in the trash


getCurrentServerDateTime Gets the current date/time from the server


HTTP status codes

  • 200 - OK
  • 400 - Bad request (the body of the response will explain why)
  • 401 - Unauthorized
  • 500 - Internal server error

Data types

All dates are Unix timestamps, and all booleans are 1's and 0's.


Click here for the API changelog.


Send us an email! Our email address is support@rundowncreator.com.