Rundown Layouts

A rundown for a TV or radio show will oftentimes include a variety of columns for everything from segment types to camera numbers. But, the columns that are important to a producer, for example, might not be important to a camera operator, and that's why Rundown Creator supports user-specific rundown layouts.

With Rundown Creator, each user can customize which columns they see when they view a rundown, what order they appear in, and how wide they are -- all without affecting how rundowns look to other users.

That's because when you change the layout of a rundown in Rundown Creator, you aren't actually making any changes to the data in the rundown itself (the one exception to this is deleting columns). You're only changing how you look at it, and everyone can look at the same rundown differently.

Rundown Creator will remember the layout you used when you last viewed a rundown, and use that when loading other rundowns. Sometimes this can confuse people when they make a change to the layout of one rundown and then load another rundown, which loads with the new layout.

In most cases though, there's no reason to panic. You can very easily get your old rundown layout back by manually adding, hiding, repositioning, and resizing columns, or loading a saved rundown layout.

The Layout Menu

To adjust your rundown layout, bring up the Layout Menu by right-clicking (or on a Mac, holding down the "control" button and clicking) along the blue header row at the top of the rundown (the row that starts with the word "Page"). When you do that, the Layout Menu will appear:

Layout Menu


The Layout Menu allows you to add and hide columns. If you're an administrator or higher, you can also rename, delete, and create new columns.


The Layout Menu also allows you to save, load, rename, and delete personal layouts, and load group layouts. If you're an administrator or higher, you can also save, rename, and delete group layouts too.

Personal Layouts vs Group Layouts

What's the difference between personal layouts and group layouts? Personal layouts are only available to you, but group layouts are available to everyone.


There is a special group layout called the "Default Layout" (although, you can rename it). What makes this layout special is that it is the rundown layout that new users will start off with when their accounts are created. So, if you want new users to have their rundown layout setup a certain way, save that rundown layout as the default layout. Keep in mind though that while new users will start off with this layout, they can, of course, always change their layout later.